Modernizing a Classic



0 bhp


0 lb/ft


0 miles


0 kw/h

Complete restoration of original body

Upgraded chassis with racing standard componentry, developed by experienced Formula One designers

Independent double wishbone suspension with billet aluminium uprights

Cutting-edge regenerative disc braking system to replace 1960’s original

Low-maintenance Torsen limited-slip differential supports 662 lb/ft of torque

1000 hours are dedicated to each car remodel!

Additional modern racing seats, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated video display

Recharge from 20% to 80% in 40 minutes with DC chargers.

Charge DC from 20% – 80% in 40min

Suspension Independent double wishbone with coil-over dampers by Quantum Racing

Steering Rack and pinion, power assisted

Brakes F/R Ventilated discs with six-piston callipers/solid discs with four-piston callipers

Traction Torsen limited slip differential


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The Ford Mustang earned its stripes in 1965 when it both debuted and crossed the finish line first (and second) at Tour de France Automobile. Behind the wheel? The Alan Mann Racing Team, of course.

Alan Mann began the namesake racing team in 1964, contracted by Ford to represent the brand in the UK.

57 years later, Ford released the Alan Mann Heritage Edition Ford GT to commemorate the role of AMR in the development of GT prototypes and the representation of the Ford team in England.

In 2022, business developer and personal car collector, Henry Mann of Philadelphia, USA, is the recipient of one of these Heritage Edition GTs. During the GT’s inauguration at the 2022 Chicago Car Show, Alan Mann’s successor, Henry (UK), and Henry (USA) meet to commemorate the car and the legacy. More than just a name, Henry and Henry share rich histories of ingenuity and automotive passion.

The namesake partnership brings the best in racing history and modern electrification from Alan Mann Racing UK back to the Mustang’s American home. By life-long entrepreneur, Henry Mann, Mann ePower Cars is proud to introduce the next generation of bespoke Mustang.


Henry (Hank) Mann, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, personal car collection started young – with a unique story covered by the Wall Street Journal – and has grown in range and enthusiasm since. 

A lifelong entrepreneur and innovator, Hank has always been forward thinking. From patenting the first modern dental plier at Henry Mann Inc., pioneering circuit board manufacturing equipment with Manncorp, and cutting-edge LED manufacturing through LED Living, Hank is always pushing for the next innovation. Mann ePower cars and the modern e-rod is his next breakthrough!

Henry Mann comes from the legendary lineage of Alan Mann, founder of England’s preeminent Alan Mann Racing (AMR). AMR won numerous major championships, including the first by the Ford Mustang at the 1964 Tour De France. Many leading race and rally drivers have roots with Alan Mann Racing, including Sir John Whitmore, Sir Jackie Stewart and Bruce McLaren. Trained by the best, Alan’s son, Henry Mann, now leads a modern AMR.

With a near 60-year history, AMR is a leader of specialized classic car restoration, race car preparation, and still regularly competes at events such as Goodwood Revival, Festival of Speed, and the Masters Historic Series. Engineering the future of electric vehicles is the next step for this world-renowned organization.


We have a 50-year history of manufacture, sales and service in the precision electronics and hi-tech lighting sector and have independently curated an extraordinary collection of modern and classic automobiles.